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01-15-2024 Newsletter: Make 2024 Your Year to Recruit


Let’s be honest, 2023 went by in a flash and it wasn’t the most exciting year in the market. Deal activity was not as robust as prior years and the number of deals that made it to the finish line were few and far between. As a result, the job market has also been rather slow which gave us time to reflect and focus on preparing for 2024. And the good news is: All signs are pointing to recruiting picking up in the first quarter of 2024!


We’ve already gotten rumors from many analysts in the market that headhunters have been reaching out around various opportunities… Amidst some of the articles below, we wanted to get some market sentiment from our readers — what are you hearing?


Are you focused on recruiting in 2024?

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Taking a Break and Coming Back Stronger

After a year of hard work and numerous success stories, we decided to take a step back to recharge and refocus. This period of rejuvenation has fueled our dedication to providing high-quality individual 1-on-1 career coaching services. We’re delighted to announce our return, ready to empower you with renewed vigor and expertise.


Shoutout to Investment Bankers

To all the highly qualified investment bankers, the New Year promises fresh opportunities, unprecedented growth, and the pursuit of multiple buyside offers. Your dedication and excellence inspire us, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way in your career journey.

What are you focused on this year?


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What sort of recruiting opportunities are you focused on this year?



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2023 in a Nutshell: OfficeHours Mentee Reviews



  • “I see you guys all over LinkedIn and have been reading the newsletters since the beginning, in a market like this so long you’re alive you’re doing well — however, you guys seem like you’re THRIVING.
  • You guys are like bringing science to the interview process, no wonder why you’ve had so many placements”
  • “WFH is literally back — TALK ABOUT A LUCKY TIME FOR ANYONE RECRUITING” (Everyone)
  • “I loved how accessible coaches and mentors were. Any time I had a question, I could just ask. It was so comforting to have someone else going through the process with me. I can’t imagine going through it without Office Hours.” (EB)
  • You guys are like the new WSO — WSO is full of trollers anyway, really tough to get access to any validated information.” (small boutique)
  • Last thing you want to be is STUCK in a DOWN-CYCLE being a banking analyst thinking I should’ve recruited before when there were more opportunities.”




At OfficeHours, we believe that success is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Success is what you define it to be, based on your own values, passions, and goals.

And we’re here to help you achieve it!


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