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02-28-2023 Newsletter: Early-Bird Flash Sale! | Protected Saturdays

Early-Bird Flash Sale!

We’ve always appreciated end-of-month… this is when we release most of our deals. February TBH has been our largest month since we started the business in 2020. In celebration, today we’ll be releasing two deals — one for the “early” risers — 9 AM is still early in IB and then of course one later in the evening. Early bird gets the worm… the first one is the better deal since less people will see it.


LIMITED: $99 for Platform+ 1HR COACHING

Click here to access our pricing page and use the promo code: ENDOFMONTH 

We are LOSING MONEY by offering this for $99 because we are THAT confident you’ll come back for more coaching once you see how HELPFUL our Coaches are!


We’ve ONLY OPENED 25 use cases for this code!


All you have to do is navigate to and click on our Buyside Starter Kit and use promo code:ENDOFMONTH. Ask yourself — are you staying in banking for the bonuses? Do you plan on switching investment banks to lateral to another larger institution? Do you want to move to PE but never knew how to get started on the prep… well, now is YOUR TIME!

Behaviorals, Technicals, Modeling, Deal Walkthroughs, Case Studies, How to choose a firm, How to choose a career, etc. etc. we help with it all


With the sheer amount of people that receive this newsletter, expect this deal to be gone within minutes!


Letter from a Senior Investment Banker


Letter From A Senior Investment Banker

It’s bad out there and there’s no doubt about it. More red days than green, more staffings related to pitches than live deals and mandates,



 What Exactly Can Officehours Coaching Help With?

OfficeHours Coaches can help you answer various questions, including the below: Help you think through which strategy would





Click here to access our pricing page and use the promo code: ENDOFMONTH

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