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05-31-2023 Newsletter: How to think about Body Language in Finance Interviews

Body Language in Finance Interview

As the era of exclusive video interviews gradually fades and finance professionals return to the office, the significance of mastering body language during in-person interviews cannot be underestimated. While video interviews made it easier to appear presentable and personable, showcasing only our shoulders and up, the shift back to face-to-face interactions introduces new challenges. Nervousness, sweatiness, and overall appearance now come into play, making it crucial to present yourself with confidence and positivity.

In the realm of finance, where long days collaborating with colleagues are the norm, personality and fit hold immense weight. Renowned psychologist Albert Mehrabian highlights that 55% of how others perceive us is based on body language, 38% on tone of voice, and a mere 7% on spoken words. Understanding and harnessing the power of positive body language becomes paramount for success in any interview setting, particularly within the finance industry.


Practice Your Handshake


In finance, a weak handshake can create a negative perception. Be proactive, maintain eye contact, and offer a confident grip. Practice with friends, wipe sweaty hands discreetly, and leave a lasting impression.


Be Mindful of Your Gestures and Posture


Express yourself confidently but avoid nervous fidgeting. Sit tall, lean in slightly, and mirror your interviewer’s body language appropriately. Make a lasting impression with poised gestures and attentive posture!


Maintain Eye Contact


Maintain eye contact to show respect and establish a connection. Strike a balance between holding eye contact and occasional breaks. Practice with mock interviews to enhance your engagement. Let your eyes convey interest and respect for the opportunity.


Practice your Facial Expressions


In in-person interviews, you can’t see your own facial expressions like on video. Avoid unintended tired or disinterested looks. Practice in a mirror, exploring different expressions for various interview scenarios. Let your face radiate positivity and focus, leaving a lasting impact!


Smiles and Nods


Smile and nod to showcase your positive nature, even in serious interviews. Being good-natured and authentic garners support and helps you integrate into the team. Prepare well, stay relaxed, and let your confidence shine!



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