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06-26-2023 Newsletter: Are Headhunters asking for your Resume?


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Written by Asif Rahman, Co-Founder at OfficeHours


Once you’ve started a full time role, we recommend updating your resume to emphasizing your current banking role and transaction experience, while shortening old experience from internships and college. Notably, with limited real estate after incorporating new deal experience, you should move your education section to the bottom of your resume and make sure the experiences you include relate to the next job you are looking for.



1. Step into the shoes of the reader

Put yourself in the mindset of your future boss, a recruiter, or a potential teammate. Goal is to highlight your skills as a team player, emphasize career growth, and demonstrate the impact you’ve made on past projects. After all, you want to leave them impressed and eager to have you on their team.

Ask yourself questions such as: Do I show how I’m a good team player? Do I show growth over the past roles I’ve had? Can I demonstrate clear impact for the projects I’ve been on? Would this person want me on their team?


2. Crafting a Cohesive Resume


Learn how to structure your resume from top to bottom. Discover the appropriate space allocation for each role and promotion, especially when it comes to internships and past experiences.

Your resume should read with more advanced positions on top and your bullets should show that too. If you went from Analyst to Associate, think about how you can show your progression in bullet form. Did you start out as supporting and then started managing, etc.?


3. Mastering the Format

In a world where recruiters spend an average of 30 seconds scanning a resume, formatting matters. Discover font size and type best practices to ensure readability and make your resume visually appealing.


4. Power of Succinct Bullets

Less is more! We’ll guide you on the art of concise bullet points. Learn how to condense your banking or consulting projects into three impactful bullets per section, with each bullet restricted to a maximum of two lines. We’ll show you how to make every word count.


5. Adding the “So What” Factor

Each bullet point on your resume should have a purpose and leave a lasting impression. We’ll teach you how to infuse the “so what” element into each bullet, ensuring that it effectively communicates your unique skillset, quantifiable achievements, and the impact you’ve had in your roles.


6. Streamlining Your Undergraduate Section

If you’re a few years out of undergraduate studies, it’s time to streamline your education section. We’ll guide you on what to include and what to exclude, ensuring that you focus on relevant information that aligns with your lateral switch or private equity aspirations.


7. Stand Out with Additional Information

Make your resume memorable by adding a touch of personality. We’ll show you how to leverage your certifications, hobbies, and unique experiences to differentiate yourself from other candidates. From language fluency to scuba diving adventures, discover how to make your additional information a captivating conversation starter during interviews.

Crafting an impressive resume is a crucial step in your journey towards lateral banking or private equity opportunities. Follow our expert advice and gain a competitive edge in the job market.



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