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07-08-2023 Newsletter: On-Cycle 2025 FAQs


What we know/What we don’t know

Hey All — Rohit here, we’ve been getting asked quite a bit about On-Cycle 2025 — when it might happen, should individuals be getting reached out to by Headhunters, what firms individuals should focus on, when they should begin their prep, how we might be able to help, etc. so thought I would put together something quick in the form of an FAQ here…


When is On-Cycle 2025 Going to Start?

Short of it — we have no idea and anyone that tells you an exact date is lying. Now if we had to guess, I’d say sometime in the Fall like it has in the past… if it isn’t in the Fall, then maybe later in the year or early-Winter timeframe? Again, it’s all really a guessing game — however, Headhunters who have a say in the process are already reaching out to 2nd and 3rd year analysts asking for email addresses for incoming Analysts and getting their preferences — is that a coincidence? I don’t think so.

(BTW yes you can sign up for Headhunter notifications with your personal email, doesn’t have to be a work email – we actually recommend using your personal so you don’t upset anyone at work)… some firms say they’re cool with recruiting but the reality is there’s no point of POTENTIALLY upsetting anyone for a job that you’re just starting — easy way for them to make your life miserable for the next 18 months…

Find below a couple good articles discussing 2024 recruiting processes… like with anything in life, the only thing you can do is learn more about the history of a process to predict what will happen going forward…




Should Headhunters be reaching out to you?

Well, yes if you plan on recruiting, that would make sense right? As a disclaimer, not all ~36 Headhunters have reached out from our knowledge, just a few… If you’re at a non-target firm or aren’t getting reached out to — doesn’t hurt to ping individuals on LinkedIn and let them know “Hope all is well. I know you are gathering information for On-Cycle 2025 and while I understand that it is still early, I wanted to let you know that Advent International is one of my favorite Private Equity firms for XYZ portfolio company and what they’ve done in the past — do you have a few minutes for a quick phone call or coffee chat?” and then once you connect with a single headhunter, you can chat with others by saying “Hope all is well, I’m connecting with your peers about the upcoming On-Cycle recruiting wave, do you have a few minutes for me to introduce myself?”


Have you heard from Headhunters yet about On-Cycle 2025?


There’s a process and art to this and I wouldn’t go in unprepared is all I will say…


Access our Free Headhunter Documents from our PE Platform here




What firms should you focus on?

Well, this is a tough one — depends on what industry you like… depends on where people have gone to from your firm, you can start by utilizing some of the resources below but honestly this is a YOU question — the internet has enough information on various firms and stages of firms (just don’t take anonymized blog information for fact, actually speak with individuals that have recruited, that work at those firms, that are knowledgeable about firms and then create your own verdict on what you like and what you don’t like)


Access our Free Buyside Opportunity Landscape Slide here



Should you gauge if you like investment banking first before recruiting?

YES — I mean if you think that’s a possibility on your end for the long-term — if you’ve done EVERYTHING in your means possible to break into Investment Banking in the first place from a target/non-target and you’re not about any of this “prepare for a job 2 yrs in advance” nonsense (it really is rather ridiculous as I’ve mentioned before) well then yes for sure, just focus on IB and get that Associate Promote… ON THE OTHER SIDE, if you know IB is just a stepping stone for youthen you know PE or Growth or working at a Hedge Fund is more of your passion – well then you focus on that, simply put.


Do you want to stay in IB?


It all comes down to what you want to do… just a few things to consider:.





When should you begin your prep?

I think about it this way — if you know you want to go to Harvard Business School and it’s your absolute dream school and you know you need a 750+ on the GMAT and you’re willing to sacrifice everything for it because it is on your life plan of success cue Carlton from Fresh Price lol WELL then ask yourself — do you start preparing a month before the exam or do you just prepare ANYTIME POSSIBLE because well you understand that what you’re aiming for has a VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE CHANCE of going your way…


Favorite MBA Program?


Speaking of HBS:


Do you plan on recruiting for On-Cycle 2025?

Survey Respondents will be eligible to win Free PE Platform Access!


How can OfficeHours Help?

This is what we do. We’ve been doing this now going on 3yrs with almost 2k people that we’ve helped out… dropping some images here for context:

Universe of Coach Profiles


10 Step Process that has worked time and time again


History of ACTUAL Placements (generally multiple offers for a single individual allowing them to level-up when it comes to pay or simple getting more $ through base/bonus/relocating/signing/stub conversations)



Multiple different curriculums below (in order of popularity)







Is it true that OfficeHours has helped many with 3.8 GPAs+ get multiple offers during On-Cycle Processes?



Yes, we do really well with Student Athletes and high-achievers but it’s not like we haven’t worked with others… see below:



Already locked in a spot for Private Equity? Well for that we have an accelerated Associate Training Program for Senior Associates and VP’s to help you get FULLY prepared for the upcoming job and crush all expectations:



Now it wouldn’t be a Saturday Newsletter without an offer so for the first 10 that want to explore Buyside Coaching without the heavy price-tag… aka at a pure 90% off rate, then here’s your deal!


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