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07-16-2023 Newsletter: What We Can Learn From Wimbledon



Alcaraz, the 20 year-old Prodigy


Did you watch Wimbledon this year?


Quoting Break Point: “People love supporting the underdog but I love the top dog — to perform when you’re expected to perform is so much tougher!

i.e. when you come from a target background and work at a target firm and that top PE placement SHOULD BE YOURS… what happens when it isn’t?


“Djokovic still has the most men’s Grand Slams and is one shy of tying Margaret Court’s record of 24. He had won the four previous Wimbledon’s. By losing on Centre Court, it is Djokovic’s first loss there since the 2013 final when Alcaraz was 10-years-old.”

Yahoo Sports



Even at the ripe, old age of 36 – in tennis terms, at least – Djokovic says he might just be playing some of the best tennis of his career. “I’d like to believe that’s the case,” he said. “I mean, we are part of an individual sport so you have to rely on yourself and put yourself in the best possible, physical, mental and emotional state before going out on the court. “So I tried not to look at the age as a hindrance that might change the outcome on the court. I feel 36 is the new 26, it feels good.


While we aren’t a sports publication and you don’t come here to get the latest news on tennis… you subscribe to the OfficeHours Newsletter to get the latest news when it comes to PE Recruiting and IB-related news.

However, sports run in tandem with life and your career because individuals are always looking to one-up you — I’m talking to you, Wharton.

If you’re dedicated and work hard, you’re really only as good as the person who’s just as dedicated and maybe puts in 1-2 hours of work a week MORE than you.

A point to remember as you decide whether you want to recruit for PE or not.

Today was an UNEXPECTED UNDERDOG WIN… do you consider yourself the underdog when it comes to work/finance/career/school? Are you taking on dedicated help to help you LEVEL-UP!?

TLDR: We hear more and more often that On-Cycle is going to be happening soon… Expect The Unexpected!

Take a look at our On-Cycle Last Minute Prep Timelinehere… Step 1 means preparing yourself for Headhunter Conversations. If you haven’t checked out our Headhunter 101 Docs, you can download it here.



Have you taken on a Coach before?




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