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07-31-2022 Newsletter: August Is Almost Here

August is almost here

I’m a pretty open guy — so far to the point that it’s almost gotten me in trouble with my Board and Co-Founder. Now so long my title is Co-Founder, I’m going to continue to be an open and honest guy here.

This was our revenue graph for last year:

If the pointed dip downwards represents roughly the middle of the year, we’re about to enter into a VERY busy season. So today is Sunday, July 31st and I’m opening up the calendar… August & September gets to be bonkers busy for us and then after that is basically steady-state… I’m going to try and show a visualization of the conversation we had with our Board yesterday re: discounts for the month of August — 5 days of discounts, that’s it.

Today — Sunday, July 31st is technically our EOM where if you’re good at pattern recognition from the above, you might get a hint of what we could do for discounts —

TODAY AT 3PM ET (for 5 folks) — we’re hosting an #oncycle2024 Q&A/Ask us Anything Zoom Session.

Our Mentees are invited, our Non-Mentees are invited.

Who’s around?

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