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08-18-2023 Newsletter: From Student Athlete/IB/PE to Incoming MBA


We are excited to host a FORMER MENTEE of ours who will speak about his experience TODAY AT 12PM ET regarding how he transitioned from a student-athlete to Investment Banker to Private Equity Associate and now an Incoming MBA!

  Date: TODAY – Friday, August 18th

  Time: 12:00 pm ET


Anthony Neyer, an accomplished individual whose trajectory of excellence has taken him from the University of Southern California’s playing fields to the dynamic landscape of private equity. As a former student-athlete (football) and a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Communication, Anthony’s journey into the world of finance began as an Investment Banking Analyst at UBS. Most recently, he thrived as a Private Equity Associate at Sverica Capital Management – a prominent growth-oriented lower middle market private equity firm with an impressive $2.0 billion in aggregate committed capital.



Webinar Highlights:

  • Discover how Anthony’s passion for finance evolved into a thriving private equity career
  • Uncover the key skills and experiences that propelled Anthony to his most recent prestigious role
  • Explore the challenges and triumphs of the demanding world of private equity
  • Get an insider’s view into Anthony’s memorable deals and the impactful strategies that set them apart
  • Gain insights into maintaining personal and professional growth in a high-pressure industry
  • Examine how external factors shape the landscape of private equity and how adaptability is key
  • Join us in learning about Anthony’s transition from Private Equity Associate to an incoming MBA candidate at Columbia Business School
  • Understand the motivations behind pursuing an MBA and how it aligns with long-term career goals


Featured Speaker: Anthony Neyer

Recent Position: Private Equity Associate, Sverica Capital Management

Incoming MBA Candidate: Columbia Business School


Rohit Malrani will be moderating the conversation. Rohit brings experience from growth equity investing from Battery Ventures and operating experience from SourceScrub where he was Employee #2 and helped scale the business to an investment from Francisco Partners.


Moderator: Rohit Malrani

Position: Co-Founder, OfficeHours




All attendees will be entered into a raffle for FREE PLATFORM ACCESS and a SINGLE MOCK COACHING CALL with a PE Professional of their choosing (schedules pending).



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