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1-06-2022 Newsletter: 2022: Take 1


Taking off a week from work to recruit?

Yes, that is what we’re hearing!

First off, belated Happy New Year 🎉— Apologies for my delay, we’ve been taking some time off but received a text from a mentee saying that she’s been hearing a lot of 2023 On-Cycle starting in the next few weeks and I thought an email made sense.

She said, “Even though we’re still WFH, work has been tough so debating taking 1 week off work to really focus and prepare.”


I think that makes TOTAL SENSE, if the GMAT is coming up and you know HBS is your dream — do whatever you can to ace the GMAT since you know it’s a pre-requisite on your life’s path of success… so what if you upset your staffer for a day or two, blame COVID.

LOTS of Associate promos are hitting my LinkedIn Network Updates tab which is awesome, I strongly applaud the individuals who got promoted recently (we’ll be taking some of their help for our Mentees who are looking to break into banking/stay in investment banking)…

However, for the rest of you who woke up on Jan. 1 saying that this year would be different and that you would actually pursue your dreams of progressing your career (whether it be not hating your job, pursuing a passion of yours, or simply put just not taking any BS whether it be professionally or personally) — well, we are here to help (on the professional front). See below:


30% off (since Rohit turned 30 today)! 🎂

Will only work on Platform Access (PA is a great place to start!)

If you’re interested in coaching — TEXT ME and I’ll see what we can do to fit you in! If you’re taking a week off to focus on your dreams, I’m about it — let’s chat: 781.258.4911!


What Mentees have said about our Platform and Coaching Services in the past:

  • “I see you guys all over LinkedIn and have been reading the newsletters since the beginning, in a market like this so long you’re alive you’re doing well — however, you guys seem like you’re THRIVING.”
  • You guys are like bringing science to the interview process, no wonder why you’ve had so many placements”
  • “WFH is literally back — TALK ABOUT A LUCKY TIME FOR ANYONE RECRUITING” (Everyone)
  • “I loved how accessible coaches and mentors were. Any time I had a question, I could just ask. It was so comforting to have someone else going through the process with me. I can’t imagine going through it without Office Hours.” (EB)
  • You guys are like the new WSO — WSO is full of trollers anyway, really tough to get access to any validated information.” (small boutique)
  • “It’s tough to get good deals on your resume, sometimes it’s sometimes a matter of luck — so being able to navigate this process without having the best cards is definitely useful.” (BB)
  • “Human capital is never cheap [and being a student athlete], I understand that 1on1 coaching has never been cheap.”
  • Last thing you want to be is STUCK in a DOWN-CYCLE being a banking analyst thinking I should’ve recruited before when there were more opportunities.


Interesting article from Bloomberg on New Year’s Resolutions and how many people actually keep them vs. ditch.

Which one are you?

CODE: BIRTHDAY expires tonight at 11:59 PM ET!


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