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1-11-2022 Newsletter: NYC This Week


Rohit’s Roadshow

During my former gig as Growth/Operations/Employee #2 at a start-up (it was really just a lot of sales), there were times I was pushing 50-60 flights a year. Those were the days…🤔

NOT lol, honestly no-one wants to travel that much seriously — it doesn’t matter how much free 🍴🍸 you’re getting, no matter how cool you think you are bouncing between Amex lounge to Amex lounge — really I was just getting fat😔 and off my workout routine. Simply put, it’s just annoying after some time and you eventually want to spend time at home according to your own schedule/calendar.

I’m not saying I’ve picked up the bug again for ✈️ but we’ve got some serious partnership/enterprise conversations happening and since those are best done in person, I’m making a couple of trips and ready to connect with some analysts along the way!

Click below to schedule a time with us! (or just respond to this email and we’ll get something on the calendar).

First stop is the fan-favorite, NYC! Click here to schedule a time with us or respond to this email and I’ll loop in Nadia to put something on the calendar. We’ll do our best to meet all accommodations — however, bouncing around the city is never easy (especially with what we expect with this weather) so please bear that in-mind!


Still deciding if Buyside Recruiting in 2022 is in your best favor?

2022 is the year you want to lateral?

Meet with us in person and we’re happy to give you our thoughts! After all, we’ve helped a couple of thousand analysts to date!

Few reasons we think this year for interviewing is going to be tough (continued from the last newsletter):

  • We have been hearing from Mentees interviewing and many Coaches of ours that there are the ‘Prepared’ and then the ‘Un-Prepared’ aka now that we are approaching our 3rd year of remote work (& OfficeHours being in existence!), firms have learned how to vet and interview and hire in a remote environment — they want people who have either seen an office environment (or at least know how to function within an office environment — any office work experience helps here if you can speak about it!)
  • Couple of points to consider when thinking about interviewing:
    • Are you looking into the camera during a Zoom call and actually engaging with the participant? VP Coach of ours says the candidates he’s been interviewing recently for his new fund don’t even try to make eye contact… smh
    • How involved were you actually from home? There are analysts that just did what they were told but really didn’t understand the big picture of what they’ve been doing and that comes out quickly in the “tell me about a deal” HH question.
    • Were you the one that asked for more work and project-driven stuff to gain more experience?
    • Did you build a positive working relationship with your colleagues so that they looped you into more calls and can write glowing referrals about you?
    • Did you actually involve yourself in the model and explain the deal process start-to-finish?


Great way to get started with absolutely stellar materials (similar to what you’ll experience in interviews) for only $499!

What Mentees have said about our Platform and Coaching Services in the past:

  • “I see you guys all over LinkedIn and have been reading the newsletters since the beginning, in a market like this so long you’re alive you’re doing well — however, you guys seem like you’re THRIVING.”
  • You guys are like bringing science to the interview process, no wonder why you’ve had so many placements”
  • “WFH is literally back — TALK ABOUT A LUCKY TIME FOR ANYONE RECRUITING” (Everyone)
  • “I loved how accessible coaches and mentors were. Any time I had a question, I could just ask. It was so comforting to have someone else going through the process with me. I can’t imagine going through it without Office Hours.” (EB)
  • You guys are like the new WSO — WSO is full of trollers anyway, really tough to get access to any validated information.” (small boutique)
  • “It’s tough to get good deals on your resume, sometimes it’s sometimes a matter of luck — so being able to navigate this process without having the best cards is definitely useful.” (BB)
  • “Human capital is never cheap [and being a student athlete], I understand that 1on1 coaching has never been cheap.”
  • Last thing you want to be is STUCK in a DOWN-CYCLE being a banking analyst thinking I should’ve recruited before when there were more opportunities.
  • Read our “Why Choose Us” article & Why Coaching Works


If you’re interested in coaching — TEXT ME and I’ll see what we can do to fit you in!

ONLY 3.8 GPAs AND ABOVE. Strict mandate by our BOD.

Questions? Text us @ 781.258.4911!


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