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1-25-2022 Newsletter: $900k Isn’t A Lot Of $


You’re only taking home $485,463 after taxes in NYC, VP at GS

Take out rent, going out, other cost-of-living expenses and I will rather be a VP at a UMM PE shop making less in cash but more in carry in the next couple of years because carry is more tax efficient, especially in a city that has almost a 50% ordinary income tax rate… but that’s a conversation for another day.


BIG Update from our end, the last 2 weeks have been ridiculously busy:

We’ve been busy… if you follow us on Instagram, you’ll end up seeing more active updates there than what we publish in the newsletter only because we’ve been that actively on the move. Now that we have taken on some more help, both on the coaching side as well as the operations side of things — our main goal is to get in front of as many people as possible these days. Couple of things to highlight below:

  • We recently traveled from Miami to NYC to Boston to Chicago (when we have in-person coffee meetings, we’re averaging a solid 10-15 meetings a day)… we’re in Boston this week and next doing some more meetings. Next stop is either Austin, LA, or SF — you can vote here to help choose!
  • Onboarded our new intern, update coming soon here
  • Brought on a proper 40-50 new Coaching Customers (not including Platform Only)
  • We were brought up in Benzinga’s interview with Litquidity’s Mark Moran
  • Officially established our Associate Training Program first cohort which is starting rn
  • New updates on the platform i.e. more case studies, more models, ATP, IB Curriculum/Guides dropping soon, PE, Growth Equity, VC, Corp. Dev., Real Estate Curriculums coming soon!
  • PLACED! a solid amount of mentees to the Buyside! Not to mention a few laterals!
  • Established a partnership with HBS VCPE around their 2022 Buyside Conference in Boston!

HBS VCPE Conference 2022

We are extremely lucky to be able to sponsor the HBS VCPE Conference this year! Meg Whitman is this years Keynote!

Learn More


Stellar Networking Opp. 🤝

Receive 15% off your ticket with the code: OFFICEHOURS15, come listen to David Roux speak about his time co-founding Silver Lake Partners in 1999!

Learn More


IG is where it’s @

Simply put — it’s easier to showcase real-live updates on Instagram than any other platform, thanks Zuck.

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Big recruiting update for anyone pursuing immediate starts/2022/2023 below…


The biggest question right now is when do things start off… we are now pushing a 7-figure business based simply in the prep space and I’ll be the first person to say that while some firms are pushing 2023 Recruiting, it HASN’T OFFICIALLY STARTED YET!

But what does that mean for you? If you’re expecting to take the GMAT and need a 760 for that HBS application (and you know it’s going to be in Q1 or Q2 of this year), do you start studying the night before, or do you take a few extra months to really ace the exam?

If you’re interested in really staying in the loop — forward any headhunter emails you have to and we’ll loop you into the real list on the backend (that we only make available to our customers of firms hiring and who’s representing them) — this is as recent as of the last couple days or so:

  • ICONIQ 2023 Recruiting has kicked off and we’ve had multiple people interview here
    • Be ready for your reasons on why ICONIQ? Why venture/growth equity? Why NYC/SF?
    • Schedule a mock here with a leading OfficeHours Venture/Growth Equity Coach here
  • Corp. Dev. at a Megafund (think Vista/Thoma) portco.
  • Chicago PE Associate opportunity (think ~2-300m fund)
  • Chicago Boutique Investment Banking Associate opportunity (fast track upward mobility)
  • Arbor PE, Norwest PE, LongRange PE, Incline Equity
  • Polaris Partners, Lineage, Zabel, Broadview, Excellere, Cotton Creek, GLH
  • Windjammer, Artemis, JLL, Blue Sea, NMS Capital, Quad-C, Thayer Ventures,
  • TCV B2B tech opportunity
  • Apax Digital Analyst/Associate, HIG,
  • Oaktree, Summit Partners
  • HGGC, Vista Equity, Siris, Thoma Bravo (VP positions)
  • KKR (Capital Markets)
  • Banking Lateral Positions: GS/MS/EB’s across the board, heard some bulge brackets push pause on recruiting until the New Year but they have hit the ground running — check out more on our job board
  • amongst SO MANY OTHERS

Thinking about taking on a Buyside Coach as you think through your Prep? Hundreds of coaching calls are happening right now with many of our mentees and guess where you’re going to see our mentees?

🙋‍♂️ Across the table from you as your competition gunning for your dream fund.

The difference between you two will be that he/she spent hours preparing with a coach that was specifically tailored to them and helped them mock and run through their deals multiple times, are you preparing to that extent? 🤦‍♂️

Still deciding if Buyside Recruiting in 2022 is in your best favor?

2022 the year you want to lateral?

Meet with us in-person and we’re happy to give you our thoughts! Afterall, we’ve helped over a thousand analysts to-date!


Great way to get started with absolutely stellar materials (similar to what you’ll experience in interviews) for only $399 after Discount Code: WSO!

Expires 7:59 PM AT THIS MORNING 1/25/2022.


What Mentees have said about our Platform and Coaching Services in the past:

  • “I see you guys all over LinkedIn and have been reading the newsletters since the beginning, in a market like this so long you’re alive you’re doing well — however, you guys seem like you’re THRIVING.
  • You guys are like bringing science to the interview process, no wonder why you’ve had so many placements”
  • “WFH is literally back — TALK ABOUT A LUCKY TIME FOR ANYONE RECRUITING” (Everyone)
  • “I loved how accessible coaches and mentors were. Any time I had a question, I could just ask. It was so comforting to have someone else going through the process with me. I can’t imagine going through it without Office Hours.” (EB)
  • You guys are like the new WSO — WSO is full of trollers anyway, really tough to get access to any validated information.” (small boutique)
  • “It’s tough to get good deals on your resume, sometimes it’s sometimes a matter of luck — so being able to navigate this process without having the best cards is definitely useful.” (BB)
  • “Human capital is never cheap [and being a student athlete], I understand that 1on1 coaching has never been cheap.”
  • Last thing you want to be is STUCK in a DOWN-CYCLE being a banking analyst thinking I should’ve recruited before when there were more opportunities.
  • Read our “Why Choose Us” article Why Coaching Works


If you’re interested in coaching — TEXT ME and I’ll see what we can do to fit you in!

ONLY 3.8 GPAs AND ABOVE. Strict mandate by our BOD.

Questions? Text us @ 781.258.4911!


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