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1-28-2022 Newsletter: Wyd Feb 5?


Why you should travel from NYC to Boston for the HBS VCPE 2022 Conference

I know what you’re thinking — why leave NYC? Especially when it’s so… 🥶

I get it — Boston is a couple of hours away on a 🚆/🚌…

✈️ out of NYC is such a hassle…

But I don’t think you understand the gravity of Harvard Business School and the speakers (and attendees) that this institution attracts…

Any qualms?! Take a look at this article:

The 26 most successful Harvard Business School graduates

Now specifically onto this conference, selected past speakers include David Rubenstein and Kewsong Lee of The Carlyle Group, and Steve Schwarzman of Blackstone (where’s the emoji for legends?).

When was the last time you went to an in-person conference (that’s right IN-PERSON [not recorded]obviously you have to show proof of vaccination on arrival) and had the ability to meet this many individuals from the Buyside all in the same room?

We personally have many of our coaches attending and many fellow mentees as well!

$68 Roundtrip NYC to Boston 2/4 — 2/5

Amtrak, Bus, Fly in — it’s well worth it for an entire day event/evening where you can 1) learn about PE and 2) meet people in-person within the space 💼


$155 for Omni Hotel (conference location)

1) 💻 Book coffee meetings with VPs in Boston 2) Call in sick to work 3) Stay in Boston for a night and focus on building 5-6 solid relationships in a matter of 24 hours


I love all of our mentees and readers but seriously if anyone ever tells me it’s difficult to meet people on the Buyside and it’s difficult to network (and they DON’T ATTEND this conference), I’m going to be very upset.

I even took the liberty to play travel agent and find out the best time/$-value path in from NYC so there shouldn’t be ANY excuses… if work asks what you’re doing 1) you can bring your laptop and pls fix it from the lobby if need-be and 2) tell them you’re learning more about the industry at HBS so it can make you a better banker…

Even if you go listen to a speaker and follow up with a quick thoughtful email asking for a few minutes of their time or a junior of their time… HIGH % chance you get that meeting! 🥳

Main Keynote: Meg Whitman

  • CEO of Quibi, a mobile-only media technology platform
    • 11 reasons why Quibi crashed and burned in less than a year
    • ^^ is actually super interesting to me… I opened up SourceScrub’s NYC office at 600 5th Ave. (HIG used to be based out of this building) and Quibi happened to share the same floor with us so I used to run into Katzenberg & team — I have a feeling sans-pandemic, short-form video content, Quibi, would’ve done really well — but unfortunately, it didn’t (and burned through a lot of cash while trying it out) — so my question to Meg is effectively:
      • 1) How do you bounce off something like that? and 2) What are you working on next? 👩‍💻
      • Not trying to be a jerk here and she obviously has nothing to prove to anyone since she is an absolute legend, but clearly, in business (and in your career), things aren’t always up-and-to-the-right so it would be interesting to get her take (and lesson learned that even the most legendary people amongst us sometimes fail) 🤷‍♂️
  • CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • President and CEO of eBay Inc. where she oversaw its growth from 30 employees and $4 million in annual revenue to more than 15,000 employees and $8 billion in annual revenue 💯
  • Meg is also the national board chair of Teach for America 🙌 🙌 🙌


Read the full Press Release here!

$170 Discounted Tix

We have been lucky enough to partner with HBS for discounted tickets. IF this is too much for you, ping me separately and I’ll do my best for OfficeHours to subsidize even further for you (mainly if you’re a student). IF you’re an Evercore $255k clearing A1, I might ask you to pay for my ticket…

$170 OfficeHours Platform Access!

Send us proof that you purchased a ticket and we’ll send you a custom discount code for our Banking to Buyside Platform Access for $329 off our standard pricing of $499!


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