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1-30-2022 Newsletter: Technicals: Difference Between IB & PE Q&A


Lazy Sundays 🤓


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“PE technical questions will require you to solve problems. These are often quantitative ‘math-based’ technical questions that can’t be memorized.”

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FAQs for Recruiting

Questions around timeline, prep, GPA requirements, which year is better for recruiting — all answered here:

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The Big Three becomes a Big One — Congrats Rafael Nadal & Team!! 🍾🏆🎾

What a legend — both him and Medvedev made sure to thank their teams extensively during their speeches.

Proof that behind most successful people, there is a team helping out…

We want to be the team behind your success 😉

Discipline, hard work, incredible work ethic — even Fed says it himself — Fed and Rafa were both joking about them in crutches thinking they wouldn’t make it out there again… his fighting spirit and dedication came out (not to mention he’s 35 y.o. and he just beat a 25 y.o.).

HINT: don’t let someone tell you you can’t do it. (Cue Nike commercial)

We want to congratulate Rafael Nadal on his 21st Grand Slam!! 🏆



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