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1-31-2022 Newsletter: ONLY 1 hour Left! $199 For Platform Access


We just launched a NEW Platform UXUI UPDATE SO:

$199 Platform Access, until 11:59 PM ET

I’m going to make this one easy — this will simply be the best deal that you get on our platform before On-Cycle Recruiting kicks off…


Our entire sales and marketing team is beyond exhausted… January has been our biggest month yet… we’re heads-down now on making HBS VCPE a success so you won’t be hearing us pushing coaches’ packages for a few days at a minimum.

We could not be more thankful for everyone’s support this month! If the rest of this year is anything like the first month, then we’re very excited to see a record number of growth/mentees/placements!!

For anyone in Boston this weekend, let us sponsor your HBS VCPE ticket!

Text me directly if you’re interested! Look forward to meeting many of you in person!


HBS VCPE Conference is only 5 days away!

$170 Discounted Tix

We have been lucky enough to partner with HBS for discounted tickets. IF this is too much for you, ping me separately and I’ll do my best for OfficeHours to subsidize even further for you (mainly if you’re a student).


Read the full Press Release here!

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