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10-07-2021 Newsletter: How To Keep Your Headhunter In Check


Oh, Headhunters — Can’t live with them, Can’t live without.

They have their specifications (as you’ll see with my screenshot below). Nothing wrong with that.


BIG revelation on our end is we now will not take on coaching customers that have <3.6 GPA… no matter how much we help, if you can’t get looks from HH — you can’t get looks from HH…

What really upsets me though is their lack of sense for confidentiality…

Understand that SO LONG YOU’RE GOOD (3.6+ GPA, top institution, getting M&A deal experience, know what you want), you have the power here.

“But Rohit, don’t they work for the firm?”

Understand that SO LONG YOU ARE GOOD^^, they NEED you to look good to their clients, it’s basically like they’re middle-men (or women) and they’re matching supply with demand.

Demand = firms looking for candidates
Supply = analysts
so understand you have more control than you think since you are the supply.
“But Rohit, what about other analysts that are just as good as me/better?”
Be Better.
I’ve literally been writing to you for over a year now on how to be better.

THE REASON I’M UPSET: I’ve been hearing headhunters are prodding more and more on which other firms you’re interviewing with (nothing wrong here, it’s their job to ask questions) BUT you shouldn’t give them specifics when they ask… I’ve also heard that they’re telling analysts of the same bank what colleagues of theirs they’re working with AND THAT ISN’T COOL. Confirm with them that they’re keeping convos with you confidential.

I think you guys know by now that I will mention “we work with other BOFA individuals or other Moelis individuals,” however I will never call anyone out specifically because it’s too small of a world and I would never want to get anyone in trouble.

Sorry for my rant, but have some respect for analysts and their recruiting plans Headhunters, not everyone is cool with recruiting and you should know that before calling someone on their ish.

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