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10-08-2021 Newsletter: Friday Placements


September Jobs Report

I know you guys think we joke around a lot… and sometimes (like with the images below), we do. We like to have fun. We like to really push the boundaries when it comes to helping sharp individuals get even sharper (not to mention get paid more).

Sometimes I like comparing what we do to tennis coaching or personal training because while most would consider those a waste of money (including my parents), others see the value-add.



^^all mentees who took on coaching. Many of them actually got multiple offers.

$500 off today for any Coaching Package.
Discount Code: OCTOBER


Schedule a time with Nadia if you want to chat with us. If you’re having trouble with processes, making it past 1st and 2nd rounds only to not get the final, I want to hear from you. I want to help you. ONLY 3.6 GPA+, please.

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