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10-12-2021 Newsletter: Vista Equity vs. Thoma Bravo


VEP vs. TB

Vista Equity Partners (est. 2000)
[$81Bn AUM, $17Bn latest fundraise]
Thoma Bravo (est. 2008)
[$83Bn AUM, $22.8Bn latest fundraise]


The Crème de la crème of the tech buyside community.

Call me a nerd but I was curious to learn more about these firms… granted all the insights extracted below are all taken from publicly available sources (literally just the team pages)… However — when digested like this, you can really see stuff that most people don’t think about.

  • Vista has 28 associates, 19 senior associates, and 14 VPs for a total of 61 investment professionals Associate –> VP level
  • 33 in Austin, 17 in Chicago, 11 in SF
  • 10 MBA’s
  • 2 former consultants (at Alvarez & Marsal & at Navigant Consulting Inc. in their Life Sciences division)
  • interesting because they have many that were interns with VEP before or analysts at K1, Golden Gate Capital
  • good amount of Evercore, BAML, CS, Citi, Barclays, but also OpCo, DC Advisory, Greenhill, Graham Partners, FT Partners, BMO, Sandler O’Neill + Partners
  • Brown, Wharton, Princeton & Duke are present here, however also some presence from UCSD, UT Austin, Notre Dame, Loyola Marymount University, Skidmore College


  • Thoma has 13 associates, 12 senior associates, and 18 VPs for a total of 43 investment professionals Associate –> VP level
  • 15 ppl in Miami, ~26 in SF
  • 3 MBA’s
  • No former consultants
  • pretty darn structured hiring investment banking analysts — most commonly BAML, MS, however some STRH, Blair, Barclays, Greenhill, DBO Partners
  • Duke, Stanford, NYU, BYU, Wake Forest, Northwestern, however also IU, Calgary, University of Colorado Boulder presence


I’m making both sheets available on our platform, sign-up for free here.

The purpose is maybe you can use the sheet to specifically find your way in through an individual on their team that is very similar to your own profile (if anything, just for the network)… also for anyone that says

“you don’t have a target background hence you can’t break into the buyside” — I just proved above that for 2 top industry-leading firms, there are plenty of slots & plenty of non-traditional individuals who broke in.

Never underestimate yourself.

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