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10-21-2022 Newsletter: New Website Changes And Potential Login Impact


Hello to all platform users! We’re excited to launch a new front-end website that is better SEO optimized and will help us be more data driven about growth.

To minimize disruption to services, we completed the launch around midnight EST tonight, and the changes should be live globally by the morning. Notably, our software is now hosted on: 

The tech updates on the back end might result in issues logging in. If you get any errors, please just clear your cookies. Incognito mode will work, too for a quick fix!

If you run into any issues, such as broken links, please let us know and we will help resolve the issue ASAP. If you’re getting issues on mobile over the next 24 hours, desktop will be a better bet.

Despite the shaky macro environment, we’re driving many more exciting growth initiatives, including new hires, updates to our learning management system, robust product launches for recruiting, and more exclusive events for our community. Stay tuned!

-Asif and Rohit, Co-Founders

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