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10-27-2023 Newsletter: From Investment Banking to Media & Entertainment


Bring Questions for Rhea Harsoor TODAY at 3PM ET!

From Investment Banking to Media & Entertainment: Rhea Harsoor


How does one go from IB to Media?

Transitioning from a career in investment banking to the dynamic world of media may seem like a significant shift. However, with the right strategy and thoughtful planning, this transition is indeed possible… learn more from prior webinar attendees with the link below!

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We are excited to host Rhea Harsoor as she shares her insights and journey from Investment Banking to Media and Entertainment TODAY AT 3PM ET!

Date: TODAY, Friday, October 27th

Time: 3:00 pm ET

By day, Rhea Harsoor works in management consulting at UTA via MediaLink, and by night, she runs ABCDGen, a social media platform and community she scaled from the ground up to bring humor, memes, and entertainment to the South Asian community. Starting her career on Wall Street, Rhea quickly found that her perspective as an Indian American in a predominantly white environment gave birth to a multitude of uniquely hysterical experiences. To celebrate and share her comedy with the world, she created her meme page ABCDGen, short for American Born Confused Desi Generation. Beyond working in finance and consulting, Rhea is also an award-winning stand-up comedian who performs regularly around New York City & Chicago.

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Webinar Highlights:

  • What drove your decision to transition from investment banking to the media and entertainment industry?
  • Could you highlight specific skills or experiences from your investment banking background that have proven beneficial in your current media and entertainment role?
  • What were the principal challenges you encountered during your career change, and how did you overcome them?
  • In comparison to your experiences in finance, how do you handle the responsibilities and pressures of a profession in media and entertainment?
  • Are there any financial insights or lessons that professionals in the media and entertainment industries have to keep in mind?
  • Have you encountered any unexpected advantages or benefits in your new professional route that you hadn’t foreseen while making the switch?
  • What experiences or learnings from your professional development do you think professionals in all industries may benefit from?
  • What advice would you give those thinking about switching from finance to media and entertainment?

 Featured Speaker: Rhea Harsoor

Recent Position: Senior Associate, MediaLink

Stand Up Comedian, Content Creator, Host, Founder, ABCDGen

Rohit Malrani
will be moderating the conversation. Rohit brings experience from growth equity investing from Battery Ventures and operating experience from SourceScrub where he was Employee #2 and helped scale the business to an investment from Francisco Partners.


Moderator: Rohit Malrani

Position: Co-Founder, OfficeHours


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