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10-28-2021 Newsletter: Free Zuora SaaS Case Study


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We recently released a Zuora Full SaaS Case Study
(click on the image above to sign-up on our platform for free & you can find it under ‘Free Resources’).

Keep reading below to find out why we keep releasing free materials we could otherwise charge for.


Hope everyone is doing well! Asif & I had a good dinner last night with some of our advisors/coaches and we started thinking: so we have this platform right? The book (platform) is an entry point into the private lessons (1on1 coaching)… the platform has a good amount of free resources but then also many paid ones i.e. case studies, models, take-private/special situation stuff, etc.

Now many of our competitors out there will make a book on breaking into finance/buyside and then sell it as many times as possible. I mean that’s a phenomenal cash cow, phenomenal business model: create a decent enough bakery, keep selling the same loaf of bread over and over again… after all, it sells, why change what sells? (that’s if you’re content with only running a decent bakery).

However, you have to think from our end — one of our Co-Founders was at a Francisco Partners portfolio company (before FP even knew they existed), the other one knew nothing other than beating every single person in every single thing he’s ever done (pretty sure he’s been a Valedictorian since elementary school) and then eventually sat on boards of portfolio companies in his early 20’s. Our goal isn’t just to create a decent bakery.

Sure, starting a cash cow would be a great model (for us, for our investors), however by just adhering to the game, we wouldn’t be changing the game.

Our goal is to make buy-side/sell-side finance more accessible. Through this, not only will we level the playing field for anyone who wants it but on the enterprise side, firms will be able to attract and retain better-suited talent.

Basically, we’re going to level-up everyone’s base knowledge through our coaching and through TONS of materials. For every case study/model we release for free, we pay our top-tier coaches to make new ones accessible for our paid customers which means that our data is ALWAYS NEW, FRESH AND CONSISTENTLY UPDATED.

Sure, does that cost us more? Yes, but that’s how we break-down the process of choosing your dream firm and crushing their interview process from a black box into a data-driven science.

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