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10-29-2022 Newsletter: Protected Saturdays: 🎃Halloween Discounts👻

Halloween Discounts

I left my one of my laptops at the office last night so I’m writing this from Midtown Manhattan (yes, I’m 30 years old and in the office on a Saturday). I wish I could tell you the grind stops as you get older, but if you’re committed – it really doesn’t stop. October wrapping up this past week was a bit surreal with our first ever co-sponsored Networking Event, a few new Mentees signed up, a few new Coaches came onboard, and honestly just a lot of love for the OfficeHours community was felt as we look to leave NYC tomorrow…


(literally our cheapest deal all year)

Halloween Discounts

Once you purchase Platform Access, email us with your friends name and email and we’ll add them on our backend! (Make sure you Venmo Request your friend for $74.75)

RSVP for our next OfficeHours NYC Networking Event here!Halloween Discounts

Halloween Discounts

Halloween Discounts

Halloween Discounts

Halloween Discounts

Credit Suisse will slash 9,000 full-time jobs by the end of 2025, with 2,700 cuts to come shortly. CS already had a commitment of up to $1.5 billion from the Saudi National Bank, which would give it a stake of just under 10%

  • Chairman Axel Lehmann said he was convinced Credit Suisse now has a “blueprint for success.” It will dramatically overhaul its investment bank, offloading a huge chunk of risky assets, and spin off CS First Boston, an independent unit that will house its capital markets and advisory business
  • As part of its effort to downsize its investment bank, Credit Suisse will also transfer “a significant portion” of its securitized-products group to a consortium of investors led by Apollo Global Management, the private equity firm. The unit trades securities backed by mortgages and other loans. Source.

Proud to have hosted a solid 50+ group of attendees at our OfficeHours Networking Event next to Bryant Park this past week… individuals had a moment to meet some of our Coaches, Mentees, and Employees. We’re all about the in-person events when possible because we want to connect good industry folks with other good industry folks – we want folks to understand that we are a part of the active community rather than just some random folks online selling interview prep materials…

We’re even thinking about potentially hosting these events monthly starting in 2023. RSVP here if you want to be on the list for future events.

I think what’s interesting in an environment like our event is who chooses to work the room to meet new folks… I had a couple of individuals come up to me and ask “which PE folks should I focus on here?” NGL you have to work the room and see who’s a fit with your personalitywho you might likewho might like you – this stuff just doesn’t happen automatically… the takeaway there is the individual who is rather friendly and goes above and beyond to meet folks will probably have a better understanding of what firm they want to end up at compared to the individual who just waits on headhunters to send interviews their way.

Sure, both will probably place to the Buyside but the ones that go in prepared will end up performing better – after all, if you can get to your dream firm, interview with them, start there as an Associate and they love you so much that they want you to return post business school that they will pay for as a Carry-Vesting VP and Partner-Track Colleague – well, then that interview you did as a 1st or 2nd-year investment banking analyst might effectively the last interview of your life.

Let that sit in for a second. Happy Saturday. Don’t work too hard.
oh and if you want a free call with one of our Coaches, click below:

Halloween Discounts

if you want to learn more about your dream fund hiring, text us and we’ll do our best to ask — after all, you sign up for OfficeHours to have access to the network and where would we be without it!?

Care to meet face-to-face? For the remainder of the year, we will have some of our folks in and out of our Midtown office meeting with potential Mentees and Coaches. Feel free to fill this out and we’ll be in-touch for scheduling.


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