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11-03-2021 Newsletter: Recruiting Update


Q1 is coming, Are You Ready?!

I’ve always believed that there are 2 types of people in this world — some are Type A and others are Type B. TBH some are definitely a mix as well depending on the situation but keep scrolling and I’ll explain.

Now by NO means was I one that did all my homework before time, studied in advance, took the GMAT early, and then applied to various deferred 2+2 MBA programs before I pursued a career in IB and then PE only to go to HBS and start my own coaching business (lol). I probably actually did none of the above (other than starting our own coaching business).

My path was NOT STRUCTURED at all (I joined growth equity fresh out of school, did that for a bit, and then quit finance for a random fintech start-up and honestly got lucky because we grew a lot and eventually exited to PE [twice]). Not structured, risky, luck played a big part. 🙏🏽

HOWEVER, I know many of you out there love structure!
The 3 B’s: Banking —> Buyside —> Business School
or maybe even the 4 B’s:
The 4 B’s: Banking —> Buyside —> Business School –> Back to the Buyside

The thing is if you’re really looking to execute on the 4 B’s, you really have to do some planning — as much as we would love for things to just fall in place in life, things won’t just happen on their own accord.

If I had a penny for “I’m going to give banking a shot” turning into 2 months later “I know I’m not going to be a career banker.” 😂


If you’re looking for a more structured path i.e. 2 years or 1 year down the road you have a dream Buyside gig lined up (maybe a firm that would eventually pay for your business school and bring you back), I would seriously schedule a free mock with us here today and see where you stand in terms of the competition.

We’ve been pushing preparation for the last 2 years, look above — those are the prepared individuals that went above and beyond to identify a dream firm, prepare for the dream firm, and then execute on said mission. (generally while working 80-100hrs a week at their day job)

What’s holding you back?

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