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11-23-2022 Newsletter: 39 days Until 2023 ⏰

39 days until 2023

39 Days until 2023

Rather nuts isn’t it — my buddy texted me yesterday saying “2019 is about to be 4 years ago” I feel like 2019 was something that we spoke about casually right before the pandemic and it’s about to be ALMOST half a decade ago. I’m not trying to scare anyone, if anything I’m scared myself how quickly time passes.

Time is an interesting thing isn’t it — many of us today will say “I might do it later, I might look to transition to PE later, I might look to transition to banking later… before you look up it’s been 2-3 years, you’ve been in the same role, you’ve now become an Associate and headhunters aren’t giving you as many looks – what happened? Where did the time go?

I will report back what I hear from across the pond when it comes to Banking/Buyside Recruiting.

If anyone has been looking into EU/UK metrics, a couple of interesting takeaways below:

According to LinkedIn Data 🤓
Finance Professionals in North America:
28,000 Investment Banking Juniors
◆ 20,000 Analysts
◆ 8,000 Associates
✦ Only 3,400 make it to the Buyside (12.14%)
Finance Professionals in the UK + Europe:
8,900 Investment Banking Juniors
◆ 6,200 Analysts
◆ 2,700 Associates
✦ Only 1,400 make it to the Buyside (15.73%)

Some interesting takeaways regarding offices:

  • CVC by far has the most Global Offices: 25
  • HIG and Advent are up there with 20 and 15, respectively
  • TA Associates & Hg have 6 and 5 Global Offices while respectively still managing $45Bn+ and $55Bn+
  • From this list of 7 firms, there are 13 offices based in the US, 10 in China, 7 in the UK, 6 in Germany, and 5 in France and 5 in India!
  • Least common Global Office: Bogota (Advent), Tel Aviv (Apax – I think this is more of a VC/Growth hub), Athens (CVC), and St Helier (CVC – St Helier is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey, one of the largest Channel Islands in the English Channel with a population of 35k citizens)


Well, it’s been busy. I love hearing from individuals that things are slowing down end-of-year whereas the reality is in a start-up, things never seem to slow down.

Many conversations this week, a lot of folks telling me that they’re ready to interview — they’re just not getting the interview. We actually had one of our Coaches write a piece on this one. A couple of new blog pieces are below:


News flash: if you don’t know what type of firm you want to work atfavorite portfolio company, the strategy of choice, why you like it, what deal they did that you don’t like, if it’s a 2-and-out program or a 2-and-VP promote program, are you really even prepared?!

if you made it this far, little something for you before we announce it to the world🔥

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