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11-25-2022 Newsletter: Black Friday Deals!

Blackfriday deals

Black Friday Discounts🤑

If you have ever thought about Buyside Recruiting or trying to break into Investment Banking, today’s Platform Deal is the one for you!

$299 for LIFETIME ACCESS to our Private Equity, Growth Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Fund, & IB Platforms — you could literally get this one deal for <$300 and just sit on it for when you want to prepare for Growth/PE, maybe a public HF in the future, maybe VC?! Even if you’re a first year in banking, this will be useful for you long-term.

If you’re trying to break into investment banking today, this one-platform deal could be the only deal you need for the rest of your finance career.

On top of the Platform Deals we have, we are taking 30% off ALL Coaching Packages however these are for specific users only so if you can see this link, you will have access.

OfficeHours PE Platform Access:

  • New materials created by Megafund Buyside coaches – move past outdated materials
  • 1 Year Platform Access
  • Headhunter coverage list and interview guide
  • Paper LBO video walkthrough
  • Two statement LBO guide
  • Three statement LBO from scratch video walkthrough
  • 5+ LBO modeling tests
  • Tech specific modeling guides
  • Growth equity cohort and cap table models
  • Case study frameworks
  • Business intuition guide for verbal cases
  • 5+ case studies

Not to mention, you also get the IB, HF, VC, Growth Curriculums in today’s deal!

OfficeHours Coaches can help you with:

  • Poking holes in your story, Why PE, Why leaving banking, Why long-term investing makes sense for you?
  • “Give me a 30-second walk through your deals”
  • LBOs, LBOs, walk me through your assumptions, revenue drivers, etc.
  • Confidence Boost when it comes to why you want to go to a specific firm, favorite portfolio company, strategy of choice
  • Positive Reinforcement

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