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12-12-2021 Newsletter: How To Break Into Any Firm


LinkedIn: Your connection to the Buyside

How to push cold outreach: understanding that it’s a numbers game

………….source: Rohit Malrani’s personal LinkedIn

Listen, I get it — we’re in the middle of December — you don’t want to focus on looking at even another model or thinking about Buyside recruiting starting up after the New Year since this has been undoubtedly one of the most difficult work years to get through…

HOWEVER — you know what you can do that brings less brain damage to your already overwhelmed brain?

Networking and spending time getting to know People. People that you want to emulate and be like.

.. ………….source:


The chart above is simply there to show how much volume you have to push to be able to get any sort of real response. Understand that it takes TIME, personalized messages, emailing and LinkedIn messaging at the same time, some sort of cold outreach, sometimes people might be like “What do you want?”


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