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12-16-2022 Newsletter: 🚨 Switching Up Discounts

Switching up Discounts

Cash for Free Minutes 💸

TODAY is the last day for 2022 that we will be offering cash discounts for our Coaching Packages, we will then switch promotions starting next week to full-price packages but FREE MINUTES! (Total of 300 minutes included for our Half Course, 600 minutes for our Crash Course!)

Think what 1on1 Coaching for 10 hours with a Megafund Coach would do for your chances of getting a Megafund offer yourself… btw Megafunds pay $350-450k Global Salaries… even in London!

Reply to this email/email Rohit and ask to speak with one of our team members if you want to get started with a Top Buyside Coach for as low as ~$3k! TODAY ONLY!

& then starting next week:

As a quick reminder, OfficeHours is the largest 1-on-1 finance interview prep marketplace with over a 95% placement rate into IBD and PE roles — our network extends to over 30k+ investment banking analysts and associates through our marketing channels (LinkedIn, InstagramPodcast) and our newsletter (Protected Saturdays)

Copying and pasting from our PLACED! Compensation Survey Typeform directly here to show you the feedback we get from Mentees:

What did you like about OfficeHours?

“The ongoing and regular support from Rohit and Asif. Coaches are phenomenal and very well-pedigreed and great to work with. These were the biggest value adds”

What did you like about OfficeHours?

“Unlike most prep companies, OfficeHours strives to prepare you for real interview scenarios by connecting you with current PE associates taking the time to work with you directly. It is so much more than a textbook and practice test, it is a thorough and practical preparation business.”

What was the most difficult part of the interview process?

“The most difficult part was managing existing workload with interview prep. Multiple times during the interview process I had to choose preparing for the interview over meeting a work deadline.”

What did you like about OfficeHours?

“Being able to speak to coaches who worked at the firms I wanted to interview with and do mock interviews that were exactly like the questions I ended up getting in my real interviews was incredibly valuable.”

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