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12-26-2021 Newsletter: Sundays Are For Reading


Lazy Sundays

I remember during my time in Growth Equity, we worked Saturdays. But it wasn’t your normal work schedule, honestly it was more of a catch-up day and really oriented around reading. Reading about the industry and catching up on market events.

Now I understand most people our age don’t take time out specifically to read but I wanted to hone focus here as we all look to do some 2022 career planning…

Let’s think out a bit: You’re going to become an associate (and I’m excited to launch our Associate Training Program [ATP] tomorrow) however it’s a two-and-out program making you think about next steps… Business school round 2 apps will be due soon, do you want to pursue business school or would you rather go into a Buyside program where you don’t get forced out? After-all — banking is two-and-out, but is PE supposed to be too?

When we started OfficeHours (great read btw if you haven’t read it), the goal was to help individuals plan out future steps… whether it be at a Hedge FundPrivate Equity, or even on the Corporate side. On our blog, you’ll find exactly this: thoughts from various coaches of ours on why they chose the path they did and what they learned from it.

Couple quick reads below from some of our stellar HBS coaches:

Life Lessons from HBS

1. Imposter syndrome is real but normal

2. B-School isn’t a two-year vacation

3. It’s all about learning to balance

Is B-School for you?

“Business school was a great decision for me, but I give more credit to taking real risks and seeking out opportunities that enable me to solve interesting human problems”

Stay TUNED for our Associate Training Program launch tomorrow! First updates will be to those that follow us on LinkedIn & Instagram!

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