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12-29-2021 Newsletter: Associate Training Program 🚀


LAUNCHED: Associate Training Program 🚀

So you’ve made it.

You placed during On-Cycle 2022 and now are “coasting at work” — but what’s next?

I introduce you to the ATP (and no for once, we’re not talking about tennis here).

I was connecting with a few of our OfficeHours Placed! Mentees and they were telling me about how December has finally been a bit more relaxing since they actually have gigs lined up 😎.

However, they just didn’t want to coast the remainder of their analyst time, they wanted to level-up and get prepared for their Buyside Associate role.

This is exactly why we started the business: figure out what you want to do, GET THERE (or at least plan to get there) and then CRUSH EVERYONE’S EXPECTATIONS (including your own).

With the beginning of 2022, you have roughly 7-8 months to wrap up your analyst time, take some time off and then hit the associate ground running.

The way that this Associate Training Program got off the ground was specifically a couple associates from a local buyout shop approached us saying, “there are 5 associates and we’ve been told only 2 of us will probably get to VP ‘if we’re good.’ The rest will go to find other Associate/Senior Associate positions or find ourselves paying $250k out of pocket for an unplanned business school trip.” Please help us.

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