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12-29-2022 Newsletter: January PE Recruiting Rush | Protected Saturdays

January PE Recruiting Rus | Protected Saturdays

Final Coaching Deals

Our coaches help you get more interviews and convert offers from top Investment Banks, Private Equity and Growth Equity firms, and Hedge Funds.




Pattern interruption

The structure and support within a professional coaching relationship serves to interrupt the unconscious patterns of behavior creating an opportunity to stop business as usual, consciously look at what is happening andperhaps choose differently.


Conscious goal commitment

What you focus on expands. If you make a conscious commitment to move forward with a goal or intention, youveimmediately increased your chancesof realizing that goal or intention.



Coaching helps you to define what you want andhow youre going to get there. Once defined, coaching keeps you moving forward toward the realization of that goal or intention.


Chunk down the big goals

An ongoing coaching relationship helps you define and take the first step towards that big goal effectively moving out of inertia. You start to think in terms of, What can I do today to help me move towards my goal? Yourcoach is there to keep you on trackall the way to the realization of your goal.



Making a commitment to your coach increases theconsciousnessthat is brought to that commitment. It is no longer simply something you want to do, butsomething you have committed to doing. Big difference.


Real-time feedback

The ongoing conversation and action plan allow for immediate feedback. New ideas or concerns can be quickly addressed and appropriate changes adopted to keep the momentum going.



Questions and answers are at the heart of coaching. Thought and action are inspired through the process of inquiry… what do you want? What stands in your way? How are your going to get there?


Were approaching end-of-year I want you to think how quickly 2022 passed by us. I still remember last years New Years trip and this business turning 2 years old and before you know it, we are about to be 3.

I remember my former CTO was rather big on this every single year he said ask yourself,are you performing at your best?!This is the one time of year where you give yourself a personal review, Can you getpaid moresomewhere else? Can you seekmore fulfillmentin another role? Are you being yourbest personat your current company? While he managed over me and was part of my review, it was refreshing coming from someone that arguably could help me look to leave every year now the question is (and Im not putting this on our readers for no reason) butare you pushing yourself to your limit by working where you are?

Some think that were a Private Equity Prep/Coaching Company the reality is weve helped many individuals move into various different divisions of finance not necessarily only PE, we are a premium service firm that helps individuals move into their dream firms. If you want to stay in banking,Id advise moving to an EB— if you want to go PE Id say goUMM>Megafund— if you want to get to a Hedge Fund, get toP72 Academy Programas fast as possible — if its corporate development/strategy & operations, go somewhere small andget a lot of equity and upsideOnly question for you as you read this is are you optimizing for success where you currently are?

We’ve had a good amount of individuals come to us recently being like “I tried on my own accord to get to PE and while I burned some bridges interviewing because I wasn’t totally ready, I don’t want to do that again in the next wave come January.”Well, you’ve come to the right place(that too at the right time since the deals we’re offering for the next ~2 days have been never offered before free minutes + $ off!).

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