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12-30-2021 Newsletter: EOY Pricing Incentives!


Last 2 Days of 2021

New Year is weird, it’s like a reset button but no one has the time to think about resetting. We’re honestly so busy just living life and working that you generally don’t pick your head up thinking “what is it that I’m actually doing rn?”

Add another milestone — it’s even more interesting to me since it’s my 30th birthday on January 6th.

I turn 30 which is unfortunate since it was technically my last year for Forbes 30U30 and it didn’t happen… still pushing for @Litquidity’s 30U30 so 🤞

Arguably this past year the start-up I was with before OfficeHours (known as SourceScrub, all on my LinkedIn) exited to Francisco Partners for a 3x+ return in <24 months (you calculate the IRR, all I know is that it’s high) so I can’t necessarily complain — but we always strive for more, don’t we?

Why OfficeHours? Why work with us?

TLDR below:

  1. You work directly with Co-Founders who have both have had successful exits from PE.
  2. Personalized, One-on-One Support available to your though call, text, and email support.
  3. Freshly created materials that are updated by OfficeHours Coaches.
  4. OfficeHours Coaches and Mentees are hand-selected.
  5. We have experience working with ~1500 analysts since we started the business in 2020.

& with that, I present to you our best deals ever:

Code: HOLIDAYS works for Platform Access

Custom Code needed for Coaching

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