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2-07-2022 Newsletter: HBS 2022 VCPE EVENT RECAP



Wow — I’ll be the first one to say that this email is delayed.

My apologies — however, if you follow us on Instagram you’ll know that we were at the HBS VCPE Dinner/Conference all weekend, and then in the interim, we’ve been working with to help their mentees break into banking and then today was caught up with the Litquidity 30U30 list (more to come soon and MANY more updates this week)… stay tuned.

SO for a quick update — Friday night was comprised of a dinner with speakers and panelists at the Harvard Club of Boston and then the conference was happening Saturday at the brand new Omni Hotel in Seaport, Boston.

Without mentioning too much (everything at the event was off-the-record technically, no videotaping allowed), the HBS VCPE Conference was fantastic!

Seriously their brand name carries so much weight — just look at the caliber of their speakers here in their online Conference Book.

One story from the multiple panels and keynotes that resonated with me —

Setting: 15-20 years ago at anonymous Megafund on their private plane, Speaker is Advisor to the firm and he’s hanging out with one of the Co-Founders…

“How much is enough? When are you going to be happy with our size?”

“If I listened to people like you, we wouldn’t be where we are — growth is what drives me forward, X competitor beating us in AUM is what brings me to work everyday… if we stick to what we know, we will beat them.

Made me think — Is thirst ever satisfied?

THE HUNGER shown at this conference — there were Billionaires flying in private just to come in and speak for an hour about the state of the market, their views on technology, people my age talking about starting their own funds, various investors talking about how hiring is their biggest headache right now…

Anyway — next year you should definitely go if you weren’t there this weekend! AND for anyone who was there this year — send our intern your receipt, and we’ll open up platform access for you for free! For everyone else, we’ve got a deal for you below:


Many already bought since I shared this on our IG, but for the rest of y’all —

Code: HBSVCPE, 50% off — expires at 11:59 PM ET TONIGHT!

Code: HBSVCPE, will be our best promo THIS MONTH!


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