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2-09-2022 Newsletter: Lit 30U30!



We’re very honored! 🙏 Thank you to everyone that has shown us support thus far!

Really excited about this new Placements Highlights Reel that I created on Instagram earlier today — check it out if you haven’t yet! Here’s one of my personal favorites:


Buyside Reading List

Check out what one of our coaches put together as their recommended reading list.

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Back on the Road

Literally, I feel like there are times we are roadshow-ing around the US (hopefully soon we hit Europe…), but yes if you are around, we would love to put a face to a name and grab a coffee or a drink.

We love meeting our Mentees in person! Probably going to host a happy hour/dinner while we’re in NYC 🌃

Let us know here and we’ll be happy to put something on the calendar!

Expect some video content from us soon — answering questions like:

  • How do you select who my coach is?
  • What makes your materials better than others?
  • What makes your coaches different?
  • What if I can’t decide between growth and private equity?
  • Is it possible to go to a hedge fund directly out of banking?

ANY OTHERS — Reply Back to this and we’ll answer them!


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