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2-20-2022 Newsletter: Monday Is Off


How are so many of my friends GP’s?

First off — hope everyone is doing well! I can confidently tell you that writing this newsletter is probably one of the more interesting parts of my role here as a Co-Founder… Sad that we’ve been so busy recently working with new mentees helping them place, releasing new curriculums, and partnering with a couple of different organizations that the newsletter has been pushed to the back burner… however, I’m here and writing so let’s get right to it:

On my way 🛩 from San Francisco to NYC for another week on the road and I’ve got many many takeaways for everyone reading:

  • Insane how many of my friends (Ages 30-33) have literally leveled up to either MD/GP title 💰💰💰 Seems like people leaving SF has been really good for the people that have wanted to stay, met with Coaches from shops such as Thoma, Alkeon, Brookfield, PruVen, BOND Capital, FTV, AKKR, Coatue, and general consensus is that while they’re. doing well, investors are distraught at the fact that there is SO MUCH $ out there and so many firms doing the same thing i.e. tech
  • Variety of analyst meetings ranging from MS, JPM, FTP, GS, Qatalyst, DB, RJ, BMO, SVB, Vaquero — some are definitely looking to lateral as they see all their friends level-up, others looking to pursue Buyside. Most think that on-cycle will start in the next couple of months or so hence the focus on prep right now
  • Banker bases $ range from $100-140k, EVR isn’t the only one at $250k all in — sounds like FTP as well — sounds like GS is still having a good amount of analysts stay on through associate tenure which tbh isn’t that surprising — good banking analysts that want to stay in banking are rare these days
    • VP friends tell me these days analysts aren’t even staying post retention bonuses, they’ll take the bonus and still dip! 😂

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