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2-21-2022 Newsletter: Monday Was Off


100 Meetings this week

There, I’ve said it — we’re meeting with 100 people this week. Honestly not super unreasonable since we have 3-4 of us on the ground for the majority of the week… we are posted up at a hotel right next to the Empire State (however I think we will end up moving around the city later in the week aka more uptown)… so ping Nadia for a time & LET’S GRAB COFFEE

After living in Boston, SF, Miami, and spending time in LA, London, and Austin — NYC still is somehow mesmerizing even after all these years 😍

Below is Part 2 of the update I had on recruiting / meetings from my SF days…

  • SO MUCH INTERVIEWING happening right now— seems like a couple of Megafunds including Apollo & KKR recently have kicked off — see more details on our Instagram in the ‘2022 Highlight’
  • Most PE Associate positions seem to start ~July 2022 hence recently we’ve initialized an entirely new cohort of our Associate Training Program (ATP). I would figure out when your associate training begins and FRONT RUN IT. Not to mention, can you start ahead of the other associates earlier/if the team needs help? Think this is overkill? Think again.
  • We’ve got some analysts who recently lateraled who are working with Investment Banking OfficeHours Coaches to get to a top-bucket status where they are and then leveling up from there… can never use too much help these days
  • Have you ever sent an investment memo as a pitch in a cold email? We know people who have and they’ve worked! Happy to help you draft your first one, just reach out!

New Partnership 🤝

Learn more about our most recent partnership with ibRecruit, an initiative around helping non-target women break into finance — specifically investment banking! They are always looking for mentees and mentors, happy to make the connection here if you’re interested!

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