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2-25-2022 Newsletter: Ukraine



I think we can all agree that it was a hectic day yesterday (hopefully no one from our community has been directly affected by what’s happening in Europe). Positive thoughts to any who have.

I actually have TOO MANY operator friends with engineers/designers based out of Ukraine, apparently, I hear that Ukraine has blocked 18-60y.o. men/majority of their teams from leaving (many are going to Poland)… one can just hope that people are staying safe (including our graphic design team which is based in that part of the world). 😞🙏

We thank everyone that joined us yesterday for our ESG Panel and those that came out to our Happy Hour in Hudson Yards on Wednesday evening… just between those 2 events, we reached our goal of connecting with 100 people this week in NYC (not to mention the 15 coffee/drink meetings/day we’ve also been having between myself, Asif, and our intern). Thank GOD next week we’re not on the road, need some well-deserved rest. 😴

Expect pics to come on our IG & LinkedIn soon!

2 nights ago we had an event, 1 person/50 didn’t show up — I get this question a lot as people think about recruiting and what’s a good fit firm-wise…

We’ve said it once, and will say it again — networking will solve all problems.

As an FYI, we have our mentees ping 100 people every Sunday asking for coffee/time to hop on the phone (pure networking, would love to get an understanding of your shop)… if you want tips, read the article we wrote about this.

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