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3-02-2022 Newsletter: On-Cycle 2023


Headhunters are hinting

If you’ve spoken to anyone a year or two above you that has recruited, I’m sure they will tell you that 1) it wasn’t easy 2) it came unexpectedly and 3) do anything you can to prepare.

If you haven’t made any friends with older analysts, associates on the Buyside — please do so for your own sake — idc if you went to a “non-target” and your school didn’t have any finance alum — there are 20,000 investment banking analysts & 2,000 Buyside associates with the majority of them being on the same 22 sq. mile island (Manhattan).

Make a friend. Please, for your own sake.

I’m not here to tell you that it’s starting per say, you can infer from the texts above… we expect more of those to come in from the next couple of days… what’s odd is that we’re still seeing 2022 Placements happen on a rolling basis so hey maybe it’s just the initial headhunter screens (probably) which just simply means here’s a hint of recruiting starting soon…

ALL I’M SAYING is ping, ping, ping, ping

Thoma Bravo is your dream firm — time for you to ping that one ex-BoFA individual you’ve been waiting on…

You LOVE Carlyle — time for you to ping that one DB alum that made it to Carlyle…

Maybe your parents made you wear onesies that were Apollo Green in color and you fell in love as a toddler — PING THEM FOR A COFFEE OR CHAT IF YOU WANT TO WORK THERE! The hope is someone loops you into the process/connects you with the headhunter if they think you’d be a fit… circumvent the headhunter when you can (especially if you think they won’t give you the look).

If there’s one thing for sure that we can learn from these headhunter chats is that something is brewing… btw if you work with us LET’S SCHEDULE SOME MOCKS AND SEE WHERE YOU STAND IF YOUR DREAM FIRM WERE TO INTERVIEW YOU TOMORROW! Hone focus on your weaknesses!

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