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3-06-2022 Newsletter: 300 Days Remaining In 2022


65/365 days in

I know what you’re thinking — what a stupid headline Rohit, 2022 just started and you’re already thinking about 2023!? Well yes, as my team prepares for our OfficeHours 2.0 Launch — I’m already thinking about OfficeHours 3.0 and what that means for us 🤫

Why am I so forward-thinking? Reality is in this world if you aren’t thinking about your next move and the move after that, you’re already behind.

This world moves far too quickly to just sit there and marinate in your own thoughts… by the time you think about your next move, others are already making those moves. For example: when I worked on the SaaS business side of things, 10X revenue multiples were nonsensical… and now? 10X revenue makes total sense because nonsensical has now come in the form of crypto, NFTs, and web3…

sorry might be a typo ^^ moving fast here, I’d worry less about my typo though, and more about which firm you would choose from that list ^^ (and why?)

This world is a large game of chess where sure you’re working 100hr weeks but already thinking about your next move. Is it continuing in banking? Is it PE? Is it operational experience?

Do you want to go to HBS where it’s paid for and you come back to your shop as a VP on a Partner-Promotion track? OR do you want to start your own fund in your late-20s right after you get featured on Forbes30U30 to make it easier to fundraise?

The best part is we have coaches who have done ^^both.

Let’s keep it real, 2023 On-Cycle Recruiting will be starting here shortly (as seen by these initial headhunter conversations) and by the time it starts (probably like last time Thoma Bravo will already have announced that ‘they’ve given offers’ as Orlando directs his PJ to PR🛩) and the remaining big firms will be scrambling to hire…

20k Banking Analysts —> 2k Buyside Positions, not to mention most of you want Tier-1 funds which there are even less…

Are you really going to leave the selection process up to luck? 🍀

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