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3-08-2022 Newsletter: What You & Lebron Have In Common


Worklife Balance is Real

Solid day of meetings in Denver… I would’ve never thought that ~1M people are leaving Chicago and ~1M people are moving to Denver (a banker told me this today) so arguably Denver is getting more and more expensive… more tech en route for sure.

From a finance perspective, you’ll see a solid amount of regional bankers, a couple of bulge bracket ones who have somehow convinced their firms that they’re better off in a 3-person remote office, and a good amount of PE folks — some real estate, others more MM/LMM-focused.

Other than travel, wanted to highlight a stellar piece written today by our intern, Michael Suh — see below:

He highlights the ROI of coaching more so for breaking into summer analyst/full-time analyst positions (literally showing how at minimum, you get a 4X and on the higher end 20X on your investment).

However, for Banking to Buyside it’s a bit different — Many of our mentees can already get PE gigs so what we like to pride ourselves on is MULTIPLE OFFERS.

When you get multiple offers, firms will throw dollars in the form of:

  • Relocation Bonuses
  • Signing Bonuses
  • Stub Bonuses

We’ve seen these bonuses start at ~$10k all the way up to a full stub bonus being paid out (well north of $50k!).

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