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3-09-2022 Newsletter: Vail


Snowboarding Lessons

First time in Colorado and wow am I impressed by the natural beauty — I now understand why people live here.

As I’m going down the mountains — and by no means am I a good snowboarder… I grew up skiing, and got into snowboarding a couple of years ago out in Tahoe… I’m thinking:

Since I could use some professional help — lessons, should I take one?

I’ve never taken an actual snowboarding lesson. Tomorrow is going to be my first one. I’ve got some friends who are boarding here with me guiding me: “make a big S in the snow,” “bend your knees more when you’re toe-ing so your quads do the work,” “just have more confidence and go faster” as they maneuver in and out of trees doing mini jumps themselves 🏂

The reason I’m driven towards a lesson is because I need someone who actually knows how to teach snowboarding basics along with the tips/tricks and can explain to me in layman’s terms what I’m actually doing wrong… my friends here are great people and great boarders, but what works for them is different than what works for me AND also they’re just not the best instructors per say

Sad, but it’s true — I rather go to a Pro who knows what they’re doing 🤓

Let me get to the point:

  • Your friend at ICONIQ is on the venture side and you’re applying for another firm’s growth team, can they really emulate the case study that you’re going to see in your interview?
  • You’re interviewing for HIG — wow congrats! Now do you know HIG has like 5-6 different strategies and funds, the reality is your friend that works out of the Miami office doesn’t have much insight into you interviewing in NYC
  • Your friend has mentioned they’re willing to mock you — where’s the case study coming from? Do they have a curriculum they are abiding by? Are they going to be available for 2 hours on a Saturday when you need them?

& I know that you’re thinking, OK Rohit a $200 snowboarding lesson is not comparable to a $5,000 coaching package — now if only that $200 lesson turned me into being a pro snowboarder just like our mentees will turn a $5,000 investment in themselves into a $350,000 Buyside gig with potential for millions of dollars in long-term carried interest.

Lucky them. 🍀


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