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3-23-2022 Newsletter: Headhunters Got It Wrong Last Time


It’s Go Time

Sorry for the late-night note — just got out of a quick board meeting with a couple of our advisors & Asif.

Headhunters — today many, many inbounds came to us from mentees receiving notes from CPI, Gold Coast, Ratio, Amity, SG, Oxbridge, HSP, BellCast, amongst others… you can see all this on our Instagram.

FIRST OFF: if you didn’t hear from ^^ I would strongly recommend reaching out to them AND your dream firm trying to connect with them saying Whatsup (scroll down to the prior newsletter to get a taste).

SECOND OFF: Headhunters were wrong last time on timing… last time they DIDN’T EVEN GET THROUGH ALL COFFEE CHATS before Thoma Bravo and others kicked off On-Cycle Recruiting… don’t let their casual tone fool you. MANY went into last year’s On-Cycle unprepared.

We get this question quite a bit — when do you think it’ll start? SOON IS THE ANSWER! Expect On-Cycle to kick off much sooner than you think, don’t get blindsided by these HH emails… until then how do your case studies look? What about your business intuition guide? Here are some tips&tricks as you prep.

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