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3-23-2022 Newsletter: Investment Banking Job Cuts


Yet another reason to recruit

My GOD — what a 24 hours — Buyside Recruiting gives word that they’re going to kick off soon and then an article like this is published… good news is that it’s probably more ECM/DCM driven rather than your coverage folks.

Although M&A bankers are still talking the good talk, there’s little getting away from the fact that fees are down at least 32% in the first quarter, and this includes the period before February 24th when war in Europe wasn’t a reality. In equity capital markets (ECM), deals are down 75% year-on-year. Banks are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues.

if you’re a Capital Markets Banker, text me today at 781.258.4911 — I’ll cut you a deal if you’re looking to Lateral/Buyside.

We have helped MANY who have gotten laid off/fired — we’ll give you a fat discount — we’re not here to profit off a lay-off, we’re here to help those that need it.

When record bonuses come back around, we’ll make up the money then.

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