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3-23-2022 Newsletter: Why Are Consultants Crushing PE Interviews?


Business Intuition

Getting back to Miami is fun not only because my Co-Founder lives here but also because many of our advisors do too — today’s takeaway was something very interesting.

Can you believe that our coaches have mentioned that some of the sharpest individuals they’ve connected with through our platform are our management consulting mentees!?

We’re talking about non-finance majors who just want it more 🔥🔥🔥

(btw we have mentees from almost every BB & EB in case you were wondering)

TBH I’m not sure what it is — is it doing more high-level work during their day-to-day analyzing businesses that make them better at Buyside interviewing (?) OR maybe it’s the fact that beach days are a thing in consulting (when one is between engagements) which gives them more time to prepare modeling and technical questions.

All I know is that these consultants are showing the industry that they might be the underdogs (not getting real deal experience at work) but the way that they’re preparing for interviews — they really want it… and they’re placing to Francisco, Golden Gate, Bain Capital, Berkshire, Advent, amongst other great UMM shops!

ALSO, the business intuition guide is a HUGE part of interviewing these days, scroll down below for some tips from Asif:

Sometimes your coach has to give it to you real — if you need a kick in the behind, we’re here to provide that kick!

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