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3-24-2022 Newsletter: Last Day We’re Selling Platform Only Before On-cycle 2023 Starts!


‘LASTDAY’ Promo Code

So I’m not gonna lie — this is our fault — as you can see below, call volume and Mentee activity have been really going off recently (hid some specific numbers for sake of privacy of folks) BUT we’ve been meaning to update our server/capacity spend on the backend for our platform and website (and just haven’t gotten around to it yet). We just didn’t expect to have THIS many people this quickly.

SO we have one final day, Promo Code ‘LASTDAY’ will get you 10% off our PE Platform Only Package until a final 25 of them are sold (expecting that to happen before 5 PM ET on 3/24/22) and then we’re done selling Platform Only until probably mid to late-April until we get our capacity in-check. IT WILL ONLY BE $7k BUYSIDE CRASH COURSES AFTER THIS!

Paying more in server space/capacity is part of the reason our advisors have been pushing us to raise prices in Q2 2022 but more to come on that later.

Don’t say we didn’t try to help! As a quick reminder, you get ALL THE BELOW FOR $449! Only a final 25 lucky mentees will get this for On-Cycle 2023!

BTW I posted a bunch of sample materials here so you can see them before you buy!

It’s GO TIME! Are You Ready?

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