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3-25-2022 Newsletter: Headhunters & Coffee Chats


Are Headhunters moving up convos?

Look, I’m not here to instill fomo or anything of the sort — I’m here to help where I can.

Whether you work with us or not, our goal is to make sure we know the most about the space and then we can tell others so here goes:

Now I’ve heard from MULTIPLE people at this point that people are questioning if stuff might kick off Monday… THAT WOULD ACTUALLY BE CRAZY (and I think there’s VERY LITTLE chance that happens since FEW FEW HH convos have happened thus far) but listen — crazier things have happened in the past… see my reel here.

ugh, I’d be the last person to instill anxiety amongst any of you — if this happens Monday, I promise you I’m not going to get much sleep this weekend either and I’ll basically be in the same shoes as you (since we’re trying to help A LOT of people through this process)…

THAT BEING SAID — until my graphic design team updates our pricing page to SOLD OUT — we’re still selling our Buyside Platform Access for a few more hours — 💯 to go through case studies, business intuition guides before Monday:

ALSO, our INSTAGRAM AND LINKEDIN will have the most recent updates from our end. Seriously follow it to stay in the loop on everything we hear, as soon as I get word I tell you.

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