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3-27-2022 Newsletter: Reaching Out To 100 Buyside Professionals


Pinging 100 Investment Professionals

I know it sounds crazy, but why do we advise that our mentees reach out to 100 investment professionals every week? Well, because it works. Like anything else, volume solves all.

If you actually take the time to build a list of firms you like, why you like them, what sector focus is interesting to you, favorite portco — basically all the items on our shortlist, you should be able to find LinkedIn professionals that are doing exactly what you want to be doing.

You build the list once, continuously add to it as you come across interesting profiles online, then you can ping people with the “Look forward to hearing from you.” email when you don’t hear back — maybe throw in an interesting article, run it like a sales cadence.. eventually if you push enough volume, people will respond.

So many people will say, “but I’m not sure how I can get a foot in the door.”

The only way to do so is to try. Eventually, if you’re sharp enough (leave that to our coaches & training curriculums) and well-liked (honestly we wouldn’t work with you if we didn’t like you), people will want to help you!

MANY of you told me you don’t have IG because it’s too much of a waste of time (I don’t disagree) so let’s move to Twitter then. Quick updates below:

If you haven’t purchased our Platform yet, maybe check out some of our Free Resources first to get an understanding of quality. And when in doubt, check out our placements.

Email us for the Answer Key for the LBO Model Test 1. For the case study unfortunately you’ll have to schedule a call for that one because there is no textbook answer. If you want to chat coaching,


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