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3-29-2022 Newsletter: Twitter Trolls


Twitter Trolls

Twitter Trolling — funny stuff until you actually comment on something serious like the start of #oncycle2023 and it disrupts someone’s life… aka my life… aka that’s the only thing I’ve been doing over the last 24 hours which has been fielding comments about “oh I heard BX already placed, I read on Twitter someone placed to TPG…”

FALSE, FAKE NEWS! We have literally had headhunters tell us to stop saying anything is going to happen soon because it won’t just yet and now even our Buyside buddies are agreeing — it looks like it will be a slower-start process this year…

#ONCYCLE2023 hasn’t started yet. But I have a little gift for you Twitter Trolls out there (the gift of our renowned Buyside Prep Platform):

valid for the next 69 minutes… 🤪 hehe we can troll too.

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