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3-30-2022 Newsletter: GAMETIME


On-Cycle 2023

“Hi – it looks like on cycle is kicking off tonight. We have mentees interviewing at Blackstone Tact Opps & H&F as we speak and our coaches at other funds like Apollo (happening tonight), Carlyle (sent around model tests), KKR, Advent, etc. said they will also kick off as others do. Are you ready to participate?”

^^ is the text all of our mentees just received, our coaches are ready for any last-minute prep calls you might need and we are forecasting a couple of all-nighters (the Red Bull and snacks on Gopuff have been ordered).

We wish everyone the best of luck, if you’re a mentee — you know where to reach us, we will be up through the night and hopefully come back tomorrow to a couple 🔥 placements!

For any last-minute prep, use our platform that has helped hundreds of people place:

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