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4-01-2022 Newsletter: Platform Access For Anyone Unprepared


48 hours this weekend to PREP

We’ve been saying this for a long time…and sorry I know I owe some people responses to texts, I will get to it shortly.


You haven’t done a Paper LBO or maybe you have but not a 3-statement, you haven’t touched case studies or maybe you have but not a Business Intuition Guide… it’s funny how many people would say we’re expensive at the beginning but are willing to pay full freight today ($7000) for our Buyside Crash Course (we have brought on a TON of new Mentees in the last 2 days!) because they see the value-add of our Coaches and Platform.

JUST PLEASE PLACE! I hate getting these texts from friends that this year’s analyst class is WEAK, that’s embarrassing for everyone involved (including us!)!! Take a couple of days to prepare and hit the ground running…

Stop trying to guess when your off-cycle process might start with your dream firm, just focus on the PREP!

50% off, doesn’t even matter to me — just keep the Platform open all weekend long and FOCUS!

IF you aren’t SURE, chat with your mentors, peers, Coach — figure out if you want to go OFF-CYCLE BECAUSE IT WILL START SOON!

& also btw our Placed! Mentees (the ones who showed up to class) 🤓

Congrats Fam, y’all worked hard and you deserve a break 🙃


If you need a mock or two, the only thing we have left is our Crash Course package — text me: 781.258.4911

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