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4-01-2022 Newsletter: Why Are PE Firms Saying Many Candidates Are Unprepared?


Hope everyone is doing well, today was supposed to be my off day (the day after EOQ and a record month) but definitely not the situation.

I want to make clear one image from the email I sent last night:

This is a resounding sentiment across the street — MANY PEOPLE ARE JUST SHOWING UP UNPREPARED! (including some of our Mentees who haven’t taken the time to show up to class!)… wtf I’m upset because obviously we’ve been placing, but I know we can place more!

So I’m opening up help — if we work with you in ANY capacity, if we’ve spoken before, fck even if we haven’t spoken — TXT 781.258.4911, we’ll provide you the inside baseball that we’re hearing about recruiting, not to mention what we know about the funds that you’re going for (we’ve got coaches everywhere).


Talk to us, we have Coaches hiring from the following firms, not to mention MANY others:

  • TPG Sixth Street, THL, Spectrum Equity, Great Hill, Partners Group, PSG, PEP, TA, Brookfield, Apax, TCV, AKKR, Battery, Sageview, Vista Equity, Onex, Stone Point, Advent, etc. etc.

Just had a Mentee get an “it’s not you, it’s our email” around them putting a “PIN” in the on-cycle process and probably moving to off-cycle — I recommended he say “I actually work with a couple of different Buyside Coaches, is there anything I can do to improve my candidacy?”

you might as well ask! how do you know what to improve on??

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