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4-05-2022 Newsletter: SO MANY Firms Hiring


OfficeHours Price Increases SOON!

Fam — we have a BOD (Board of Directors) and we’re working on a page to get you more details on the BOD (similar to my buddy’s company Mosaic.PE where I’m an advisor [click on the About section])… but price increases across the board are coming SOON!

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WCAS HIRING FEMALE (1 spot left!)

I get the question a lot “Do you know when off-cycle will start?” NOT A CLUE… well ok if I had to guess I’d say in the next couple of weeks which means you have time to prep now.

I’m a bit antsy at that questions because 1) everyone tries to time the test and no one wants to actually do the prep and then you go in and don’t perform spectacularly interviewing and firms come back to us saying talent isn’t great/ppl can’t do a simple LBO (resounding amount of folks have said that) and 2) headhunters told us to wait off on pushing recruiting and lol they said that and it started 2 days later… so it’s really like catching a falling knife here… just prepare folks, if you’re trying to prepare — we’re trying to help.

If you want to play the game of when oncycle starts, when 2024 oncycle will happen, when 2025 oncycle will happen, people interviewing with KKR overnight for 2026 oncycle — take it to Twitter trolling please, but if you’re serious about your stuff — then come to us.

More interviews happening everyday!

See below Megafund


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